Sunday, January 20, 2008

More Igloo FUN!

Brad's mom is just so much fun. She hitched a ride with one of her good friends to visit us here in Utah. She was only here for a few days, but Brad managed to make sure she had a great time. The plan was for Brad and his mom to have a little hot chocolate party in the igloo one morning, but we ate breakfast and they were too full for hot chocolate. Instead they just sat in the igloo together and talked for a few minutes. Isn't she the cutest!? Parker has such a fun Grandma who is willing to try almost anything! Thanks for visiting, we had a great time.

Brad is proud of these new shots of the igloo. So.. here they are, posted.


Melissa said...

we miss you guys! looks like you have had a fun winter. Cody also started building us an igloo but never finished-- he too realized it was a bigger job than he expected! Parker is so big and so cute!! Any news of another baby Ball on the way?? I am so excited about blogging after seeing your and some of my other friends and will soon be doing one for us! hope all is well. -Cody, missy, ella and ashton

Beardall Family said...

Seriously, this is the coolest! Literally :) How'd you make it?! Nancy looks so cute!