Friday, December 26, 2008

So much to share!

Christmas 2008 is definately one we will remember. Blizzard, snowed-in for half the day, and the power out for over an hour. There was so much snow that the main road leaving our neighborhood was closed the whole day. We couldn't go anywhere even if we wanted to. Later in the day though we were able to go to Bonnie and Mike once the snow was plowed on the main roads.

All this snow from one storm!

Ususally snow doesn't even touch our front porch, but the winds were going crazy. Consistently between 25-30mph.

This was during the storm.

A couple of the things Santa brought for and big boy underwear. Parker is not potty trained by any means, but this is a start. He loves his big boy underwear, he just doesn't love the potty.

GARRETT IS NOW 2 MONTHS OLD!!! Always smiling and always sleeping. He slept 8 hours last night! His hair is still long, his eyelashes are getting longer, his eyes are getting bluer and melting our hearts everyday.

Last year we started a tradition of making an igloo in our backyard. Here is our igloo for winter 2008-2009. The igloo before our Christmas Day blizzard/storm...


Thursday, December 11, 2008

A day in the life of a BIG brother

Once Garrett fell asleep in his swing these were the things that my little helper said Garrett "needed." Luckily Garrett slept through the whole thing.
Parker trying to stay out of the way of the swing to see the results of his big brother skills.

Snuggling on the couch with his "cowboys." Kim Hoke made him this blanket before he was born. This is is favorite. He can't snuggle or sleep with out it. p.s.--he piled both those pillows up so he could be more comfortable to watch his movie.
A day would not be complete with out a little rockin' out in the kitchen. Thanks Grammie and Grandpa for teaching him that the canisters can be drums.
Cheesy smile. But we love it. This boy needs a hair cut.