Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Half the time Parker and Garrett are best friends and half the time they are fighting. Today was one of those "friends" days. (click to enlarge the picture) Digging for pirate treasure in the jungle of death. (this is what Parker said they were doing)

This shot is from a couple months ago but I had to post it. Garrett LOVES his binkies. One day Brad figured out we could link them together. Garrett thought it was hilarious.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What... a blog entry?

Yep, that's right.... I new blog post. These photos are from our first Easter Egg hunt for Easter 2010. Not much to say except we love these boys! Oh and also, they do have Easter baskets but thought it would be way easier at this point for Garrett to run around with a bag. So, that's what both of them got for the hunt.

So, as for blogging. I kinda got in a non-blogging non- picture taking funk. No reason for the blogging hiatus, just lazy I guess. After editing these pictures, I am motivated again to get the "ball" rolling.