Sunday, July 12, 2009

Get ready for a long one.

So in the last month we have been doing so many things where I happened to bring my camera so, sit back and relax and get ready to look at lots o'pictures. First off are just some random shots that I am just in love with so I had to post them. Garrett is now 8 1/2 months and the light in the room. He is crawling (sort of, it is more of an army crawl/the worm, has two bottom teeth and LOVES food. He says "dada" and only says "mama" when he is upset in his crib(aren't I lucky?)
Go ahead, I know you want to....pinch those cheeks!
I promise you when I say, this was not posed. He honestly was just sitting there like that.
I know he looks so serious and the light makes it look like he has dark circles under his eyes. but there is something about this picture I love.

Alright, now for the pictures with more of a purpose. We went on a family reunion camping trip near Arches National Park in Utah. My parents had all 5 kids, spouses and 16 grandchildren all on the same campsite. Parker sure did have a blast playing with all his cousins! We had such a great time with everyone there. I have some great bros and sis's. One our second day we drove into the Park to check out some of the Arches.

Garrett and Olivia are exactly 1 month apart to the day. Parker had such a great time climbing up all those rocks. He wasn't scared even a little bit.

Fishing with his very own fishing pole off the dock near our campsite. (Don't be fooled, this is obviously not a real fish. It came with the fishing pole)

Then back in CA, we had a bonfire at the beach with my parents, Dave/Jill and their kids(Luke, Ella and Olivia) and Jills parents.

JULY 11TH, 2009....Parkers 3RD BIRTHDAY!!!! We didn't really mean to do it, but all his gifts had a sports theme. He loves his new B-Ball hoop. Thank you Grammie and Grandpa! Sorry the b-ball pics are so tiny. I would highly advise clicking on it so you can enjoy those pictures more thoroughly. It will make them more clear and easier to see.
This has to be on of the funniest pictures. Parker in the background all serious talking to Daddy and Garrett looking at the camera mischeviously laughing his head off. Classic. Parker's GG (Great Grandma) has to be one of the sexiest almost 93 year old alive.