Friday, January 25, 2008

He is getting so OLD!

Our good friend/neighbor Peter Loosli took some more amazing pictures of Parker the other day. He was taking pictures for fun for only about a minute and managed to get some really cute photos of Parker. He is so great. If you want to see more of his stuff I have put a link to his website under our Friends and Family links.

Parker is just getting so old! He goes to nursery and LOVES it! He doesn't even notice when we leave the room. ( I am so proud of him, but it breaks my heart knowing he doesn't need me) He is such a big boy now. He repeats most words back to us and almost every day he'll come up with a new word all on his own. He loves to color, play with anything that has wheels, play with his ball, and dance to fast music! He loves to drink juice, milk and he even asks to go to bed at night. (Such a blessing) He tells us when he has a messy diaper and we all probably get 20 kisses a day from him. His favorite time of day is when Daddy gets home from work and when the three of us play games together. He loves to wrestle on the floor with Daddy and cuddle on the couch with Mommy. His favorite phrases to say are "What's this?" and "Who's that?" He uses sign language through out the day with us... he will sign the words "Please", "thank you", "hot", "eat", "more" and "all done". We love our not so little Parker and we are so proud of him.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

More Igloo FUN!

Brad's mom is just so much fun. She hitched a ride with one of her good friends to visit us here in Utah. She was only here for a few days, but Brad managed to make sure she had a great time. The plan was for Brad and his mom to have a little hot chocolate party in the igloo one morning, but we ate breakfast and they were too full for hot chocolate. Instead they just sat in the igloo together and talked for a few minutes. Isn't she the cutest!? Parker has such a fun Grandma who is willing to try almost anything! Thanks for visiting, we had a great time.

Brad is proud of these new shots of the igloo. So.. here they are, posted.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Brad's project

After watching our neighbors across the street attempt and fail to build an igloo in their front yard, Brad discovered his own talent in the trade. Once the igloo began he realized this will be his last igloo built by his own two hands. (Too much work) But like any project Brad takes on... it was a success and fully functioning. The three of us can sit inside of it (tightly), it can support the weight of a person (ok, maybe only a little person), and it is about 5 feet high inside. It is made purely of packed snow. I was thinking I might eat lunch inside it sometime, since it will probably be in our backyard until spring.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Stitches, Slump and Sledding


We spent our Sunday morning in the E.R. Parker tripped and sliced his head on a piece of furniture as he fell. We weren't sure if he needed sitches; we didn't want to look stupid when the doctor said it was just a cut and to put a bandage on it. Brad said it looked really deep so we went to the E.R. anyway. Brad and I are glad we did, as you can see he ended up with 5 stitches on his forehead. I fought so hard to not be one of the weaping mothers while I watched them restrain Parker and stick a needle in his head to numb the wound. I almost lost it. The poor little guy was such a trooper though. While screaming, he kept saying "all done" to the doctors, hoping it would get them to stop. He then got so worked up that by around the 4th stitch, he started to fall asleep. Once we left the hospital and entered our car, I lost it. I just cried as I watched him fall asleep in his car seat on the way home. He will get his stitches out on Saturday.


Mark and Carrie and the boys came to visit for New Year's along with Leavitts. Our family has a game called Slump. It is a horseshoe type of game but you play it with the stacking baby toy. Each ring gets harder and harder to throw on. We have an official SLUMP KING! Mark was able to successfully toss the top ring on with out even breaking a sweat. This is an amazing feat. No one in the history of Slump had yet to do this until this marvel of man created history on the last day of 2007. Bravo Mark, bravo!


New Years Day many of us went sledding. This was so much fun. This first picture was taken BEFORE sledding. Parker was so tired from playing with all his cousins all day that he fell asleep even before we left our driveway.

Parker (aka "Ralphie") and Emma had a good time playing with the snow at the bottom of the hill.
Shane... faster than the speed of light.
Brad put a ramp on top of the ramp... genius idea.
Emily...sporting Brad's sunglasses. Hers are still MIA.

Bradley... fearless. Shane took this picture, isn't it awesome.
Mark and Ryan soaring down the hill while the crowds cheer.
Miles was an animal. He wanted to try everything. HE kept wanting to do whatever made him go the fastest. "Will someone big go with me so the tube will go faster off the ramp?" This is what Brad was doing. Brad lifted him up at the last minute to save Miles from the impact of the fall.
I told Ryan to smile, but the sun was reflecting so bright he couldn't keep his eyes open. Too cute!
Parker had such a fun time going down the hill with his Mom and Dad. We got going down the hill so fast sometimes the it would make his eyes water.