Thursday, May 7, 2009

Our Very First...

Family Trip to the Beach!
Warning: You might be blinded due to albino-ish tints coming from the people shown in these pictures. Please look at photos with caution.
Both Parker and Garrett (well, actually all of us) were not too fond of the artic cold ocean water, but the sand was a blast. Brad was a trooper and toughed it out and swam for a bit. Parker loved the shells and sand crabs.
Garrett loved being near the shore until we made him stand in it. The 85 degree air felt much better than the freezing water.
How could I resist posting such a classic father-son phot0. Love it!This is another first. Garrett never falls asleep on me, but he was tuckered out from the day o' fun. I was eating it up. On our walk back to the car he just kept getting snugglier and snugglier by the minutes until he gave in.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

He warms our hearts

So far it seems like the worst of the terrible twos are over. His "cute" moments are starting to overpower his screaming moments. We have our Parker back. Here are just a few of those cute moments....

** As he finished all his drink he said " I killed it"
** I don't remember when he said this but he looked at me and said "Chill out mom, you don't have to cry about it."
** He ran into the kitchen and said in the most urgent voice " wait wait wait, I have to tell you something...." then his voice became very sweet and sincere " I love you."

Here's the newest gardener in town, he works with his shirt off and is pretty free with his kisses. Hubba hubba!

He loves his Daddy.