Monday, December 13, 2010

Muscle Man/Cutie Patootie

Told him to flex his muscles for me. This one looks more like a funky dance if you ask me. haha


The weekend before thanksgiving we got a good 2 feet of snow in a matter of 3 days. Funny how it takes almost as long to get the kids all geared up to play in the snow as the time they are actually in the snow. This is just on our side yard!

Tree in front of our house. Beautiful!

On the Ball Handyman Services

After much thought and prayer we decided to start up a handyman business to help pay the bills while Brad is in school the next 4 years. Check out the

Brad also landed a VERY part time job at Channel 2 news on the production team. After his first day he said he couldn't believe he was getting paid to do this. Hanging out with the news anchors and meteorologist= heaven.

Idaho trip in August

Parker, Brad and Grandpa went fishing at the lake in their neighborhood. This is Parker's first fishing trip and first catch that he got to reel in all on his own. A word of advice... if you can't catch a fish, have Parker say a prayer. Worked at least 10 times on that trip. That little boy has so much faith and trust in Heavenly Father. Mom and Garrett hanging out in the jacuzzi after load of fun on the home made slip n slide. We had a good 50 feet of sliding fun down grandma and grandpas hill in their backyard.

Cousin fun. Parker, Garrett, Blake and Cameron

Monkeying around

Just a typical day in the Ball house. :)

Parker turns 4.

At Parker's party Calvin and Julie and the Rossi family came to celebrate. These photos are not digitally enhanced. This really is how high the boys got in the air. THEY LOVED IT! Bonnie and Kate. Once again, not digitally enhanced...same eyes, same nose, same chin, same cheeks, same EVERYTHING! Amazing.

Kellie made a cake for Parker. Its in the shape of a cupcake. Thanks Kellie, it was delicious and FUN.

On the Road Again!

July 1st,2010

We made our way back from California to West Jordan, Utah. Emily's mom and dad came along for the ride to help with the moving process. We are getting so excited to Brad to get started on his Meteorology degree and to finally follow his dream.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Half the time Parker and Garrett are best friends and half the time they are fighting. Today was one of those "friends" days. (click to enlarge the picture) Digging for pirate treasure in the jungle of death. (this is what Parker said they were doing)

This shot is from a couple months ago but I had to post it. Garrett LOVES his binkies. One day Brad figured out we could link them together. Garrett thought it was hilarious.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What... a blog entry?

Yep, that's right.... I new blog post. These photos are from our first Easter Egg hunt for Easter 2010. Not much to say except we love these boys! Oh and also, they do have Easter baskets but thought it would be way easier at this point for Garrett to run around with a bag. So, that's what both of them got for the hunt.

So, as for blogging. I kinda got in a non-blogging non- picture taking funk. No reason for the blogging hiatus, just lazy I guess. After editing these pictures, I am motivated again to get the "ball" rolling.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Another BIG day

Transition to primary was seamless. From what his teacher told me, he did great and was such a good boy. We are so proud of you Parker!