Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Day

My Cousins and Aunt came over for Christmas. This was after we were all sugared up. It was only the beginning of the night of laughter.
Playing Kismet

Christmas Morning

I think this was one of our best Christmas mornings since we have been married. Parker is old enough now to understand the gloriousness of Santa and also old enough to understand it was about Christ's birth. 3 year old + Christmas= FUN! This letter to Santa are his exact words he wanted to tell Santa. Then he proceeded to draw his bike and then he said "wait wait, we can't forget about Garretts presents." He was worried Santa would forget Garrett so he had to draw a picture of his "2 presents." Then he had me write his name with dots so he could trace over it himself.
So, the morning began. ***preface, Parker is attached to his blanket*** he carried his blanket down with him and to his astonishment, SANTA CAME! He dropped his jaw and froze his body as he dropped his blanket to the floor with just a slight movement of his fingers. Still frozen he noticed his bike, but most importantly, he noticed that Santa ate the Rocky Road we left for him.
This was his face for about 5 minutes. ASTONISHMENT. (Sitting next to the rocky road plate is his elf that went to visit Santa every night to report on Parker's good/bad status)
First time on, riding like a pro.
Then there was Garrett, not quite understanding what was going on but thought it was all great. Parker being the "good brother" that he is, helped open Garrett's presents. He even helped play with his toys too.
Click on the picture below to see it better. This was his favorite toy of the morning.

December Part 2

Day in the life. Parker helping Grammie in the kitchen. Pancakes for sunday dinner is one of our favorites.
Garrett snuggling with GG. He will go into her room, climb on up her lap and watch TV with her for at least 15 minutes at a time. 92 years apart in age and they still have things they enjoy doing together.
This is a rare photo. Brad and I, ALONE, in a picture. Lately we always seem to have someone hanging on us. This is from our ward's Christmas party.
Kinda random and not posed. I have been waiting for an opportunity to do a color/black&white picture. So here it is.

December part 1- short and simple

OK, maybe not short, but simple.

I was able to get together with my two best girlfriends I have ever had and will ever have. They are simply the best. Left to right, me. Heather. Jerilyn.
This is "before" seeing Parker at preschool
After... notice a difference in the fun meter. We were really bored waiting for the doors to open.
Parker's preschool class put on a christmas program where all the kids shook their jingle bells as the parents entered the room and proceeded to sing Jingle Bells and other ADORABLE songs and poems. Those who know Parker know he is rather loud at home and won't stop singing, but in public...silence. He did 3 things during the program 1. shook the jingle bells 2. said "hey" during the song jingle bells 3. put his fingertips together above his head for "I'm a little Christmas tree." The rest of the time he smiled and did his shy face, but we could not have been beaming with more pride than we did while watching him stand still with all those little kids. This picture is of him "getting ready" to go to preschool that day. Such a cool kid with Mom's sunglasses.

Eating cookies in his classroom afterwards. What you don't see is the girl (Ava) sitting to his Parker would say "the prettiest girl in his class" with out any hesitation.