Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Garrett!

October 24, 2009
Garrett turned 1 YEAR OLD! He has been the absolute happiest and cheeriest baby that I have ever met. He is completely FULL of snuggles and hugs and kisses. He will stop playing just to come over and put his head down on Mommy or Daddy's lap. 100% Snuggle Bug! Brad was out of town on his actual birthday so we celebrated a few days after with few of our friends and their kids. I totally copied this cake idea from my friend Cari Jessup from Utah and she won't even know it until she looks at the blog. Her "banana" cake turned out much better than this.

Here are all the kids at the party. From left to right, Parker and Garrett, Dallin Stewart, Henry Tingey, Kate Meulleck, Sam Tingey and Ashley Stewart.

Garrett wasn't too sure of the cake but he WAS NOT afraid to get down and dirty.

Pretty intense present opening. This isn't scared, this is determined.

Here are the words he can say at 12 months. Some words happen everyday but a few are just here and there.

Ma ma
Da da
Parker = DA-kur
night night = nana
all done= a-DUN
cracker = Kakur
thank you = tay too
hi = ha

At his one year check up he weighed 21 pounds 2 ounces(25%) and 30 inches tall (55%)
He loves to wrestle with his brother, eat as much food as possible, smile whenever he gets the chance, drool, sleep through the night, drink any liquid I can give him all day long, point at things, climb up and down the stairs, his binky, his monkey (hence the monkey party-inspired by his favorite stuffed animal from mommy's friend Jerilyn)and most of all he loves his mommy and daddy!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Food, Glorious Food

Name that food... Peanut Butter, yes that's the EASY ONE. The other food on his face is yogurt. Lately he has been getting really messy at lunch time. Parker has also been way into taking pictures so I take them whenever he lets me. Even with that messy face he is still the cutest! And then there is Garrett who is always messy. Here is the classic spaghetti mess picture.


Saturday, October 3, 2009

It's cuter up close

Click on this storyboard to make it a bit bigger so you can see the lizard better.
So Brad caught this and brought it into Parker and he was in HEAVEN! He was so gentle with it and let it run all over his arms and back and even on his head. He is definately his father's son... really good with little crawly things.

He was devasted when we told him he had to put it back in the "wild." So to comfort him we told him this was just a baby and it's mommy lizard was probably worried about him and we needed to put him back. Like most of our plans, it backfired. Parker came up with an even better plan. "why don't we just go get the mommy lizard so they can be together and we can have both of them."