Monday, April 14, 2008

Pure Heaven

It was nearly 80 degrees today!!! Too bad it will be back in the mid 40's by Wednesday. So, we found the only shorts and short sleeve shirt that we own that still fits Parker and we played outside. Brad got out the hose and Parker loved it. Parker's new favorite thing to do outside is to run back and forth next to our back fence. It's pretty funny to watch. This summer is going to be so much fun. I can't wait until we can go swimming.
Later in the day while Brad was at work, I mustered up enough energy and took Parker to the park only to find about half our ward there. I guess we all had the same idea. He had a great time though, eye-balling everyones bikes(his new obsession) and running after someones kite everytime it went in the air. He didn't even play on the slides because there were a million kids swarming around them, but he had a blast just running around and trying to keep up with the big kids.


Walters Family said...

I love Parker! He's like a little puppy running back and forth along the fence! I hope you are feeling better emily!

Barbara said...

Em, the first picture of Parker reminds me a little of you when you were that age. Although he sure has a lot of Brad in him too. What fun - running in the hose.

Jillyboo said...

Isnt nice weather so wonderful after a chilly Winter? I remember how grateful I was on those first beautiful days of Spring!
Love the update. How are you feeling? Almost 12 weeks now, are things any better yet? I hope so.

aball said...

He is so cute. Yeah for warm weather!