Saturday, November 3, 2007

Dinosaurs say "ROAR!"

Parker had so much fun at our trick or treat! He could not stop walking all over the place. Parker doesn't know what a dinosaur says so when we wanted him to roar we would whisper in his ear "What does a lion say?" which would be followed by Parker yelling "Roar!" to our friends. Everyone got a kick out of it.
One of Parker's many girlfriends... Emma. Neither of them were thrilled to be in their costumes.


Jillyboo said...

you're going to be so busy now that he has started walking!! Its also so much fun. I love the pictures.

Amanda Hardman said...

He such a cutie! Love the costume!
Hey, you need to take a look at my updates!

Barbara said...

Do I have the cutest granddinosaur or what!
Love you all, Grammie