Monday, October 22, 2007

Parker does have a mom!

Contrary to the beliefs of those that have seen our blog. Yes, Parker's mom does exist. Brad finally got behind the camera and took some pictures of Parker and I. Parker sure is growing up so fast!!! 15 months old.. Can you believe it? He talks non-stop (most the time I have no clue what he is saying... but he jabbers anyway.)


Michelle, Chris, and Hallie said...

Emily! My long lost friend. I am so pleased to see your family is doing well. And that you have a darling little boy!
check out our blog: or email me:
Love, Michelle

Jillyboo said...

Look at you posting two times in a month... its a beautiful thing to see.

Amanda Hardman said...

finally...i get to see emily (nothing against brad of course)!!
you look great! love the pix.

Jillyboo said...

I used Photoshop CS3. It's super easy and fun. We just got it and I am going to town on all the fun things you can do.
When you are here would you like me to take some family pictures of you guys? I know its been a while since a family photo was taken.