Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day Brad!

Top Ten Reasons You Are a Wonderful Dad! (in no particular order)
1. I NEVER have to worry when you are left alone with Parker. You always know what he needs and you make sure he is taken care of.
2. Parker will always have a buddy to to eat ice cream with
3. You not only take time to play and wrestle with Parker, but I think you like it more than he does.
4. You jump in and help when I have lost all patience.
5. Garrett isn't even born yet and you want to make sure he is safe.
6. Because of you our family will ALWAYS have a protector and we never need to worry about our safety. Your presence alone brings comfort to our home.
7. You can build or fix literally ANYTHING!!! And in most cases you will do as good of a job as a professional, if not better.
8. You bring the priesthood into our home worthily and are always willing to use it.
9. Our family NEVER has to worry if you love us or not. If hugs and kisses were food I think we all get enough hugs and kisses from you each day to feed at least the state of Utah for a month.
10. You will do almost anything to make sure that our family is taken care of financially. You are working 70 hours a week right now and you still have time to mow the lawn (by the way, it looks like a baseball field it is so perfect) take care of the yard and most of all you are still happy and you show us love.


Jillyboo said...

I love this post.. very sweet and thoughtful. And Brad is working 70 hours a week? I am floored. What a guy he is.

Keli'i and Megan said...

Ah! I love this post! You guys are such a fun family! I wish we got to hang out, like the good ol' days! So fun, TVA "swear by water." Brad used to say that, in case you're wondering! I'm glad you guys are doing so well. And how's the pregnancy coming along? How are you feeling? Any better?

Amanda Hardman said...

You guys are so sweet. I miss you guys! and Brad...70 hours a week...where are you working?

Walters Family said...

ohhhh how sweet! what a good dad you are bradley and how lucky to have such a nice wife to say so many sweet things about you! You must be raking in the dinero working 70 hrs a week! Can we get a loan??? ;)

TheHottonSix said...

Brad...You're great. You are so great you probably want to come help us fix our spicket leak! :) (It started flooding into the basement.)