Saturday, February 16, 2008

A week of play dates

A couple weeks ago, Bonnie and I took Kate and Parker to McDonalds for lunch so they could play together on the slide after. Kate took Parker under her wing and helped him until he became comfortable to do it on his own. She was so patient with him as all the other kids pushed their way passed them. As Kate would say, she loves her little "Parkie."

It only took a couple times until he wanted to go on his own. The boy couldn't be stopped! He ran to the steps as soon as he finished the slide. Bonnie and I were giggling at him the whole time.

Kate told me " ok, Emily, I am going to go up and then this time when I come down you need to take a picture of me." When she reached the top of the slide she yelled down to me, "OK! I am ready, take it NOW!"

Logan Ball (no relation at all) from down the street and Parker are only a few weeks apart and they had there very first alone play date. They laughed at each other, shared with each other, screamed at each other (if they didn't want to share anymore) and had lots of fun together. It was the cutest thing watching these two little guys(well, Logan is not much of a little guy, he probably has about 10 pounds on Parker) interact with each other. Parker's personality is coming through and let me tell you, it will just melt your heart.

Kickin' it with his homie!


Barbara said...

I just want to take those cute little grandchildren of mine and hug them to pieces. "kickin with his homie"
That's exactly what it looks like he's doing. Give him a hug from Grammie (& Grampa)

Jillyboo said...

I love when they really start to interact and play with other kids. It is so fun to see so many sides of their personality. And he sure is a cute boy. How fun to have cousins around to grow up with. It will make him a better person, especially with those amazing Rossi girls. I wish my kids could play with them every day!

kgirlsmom said...

Thanks Em, for posting the pics from our little Mc'Ds excursion. That was so fun. We'll have to do it again.

Brad and Vanessa Tingey said...

It is so fun when they are finally big enough to go down the slide by themselves! They think they are just the coolest! And they are! Parker is getting so big!

Russell, Julie & Sadie Holmes said...

emily! thanks for your comment. it has for sure been awhile. hope your doing well and your family is also adorable. keep in touch - russell