Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Day

Ok... so these top two pictures are from the Sunday before Christmas and not Christmas Day as the title says, but who's counting.

Christmas Eve we all smothered anything we could find in chocolate. My favorite is the chocolate covered cinnamon bears.

Parker first wondered if this really was for him.
He clearly got over wondering once he jumped on. This is his dancing/"I'm having fun" face.

What good is snow with out a snowball fight. Brad's mom was the target. This is the view from Brad's parents back yard...isn't it beautiful.

Almost every day of our trip, Parker would wake up from either a nap or in the morning with a new scratch on his face. So for Christmas morning he had a total of 6 scraches on his face. Crazy sleeper. His nails aren't even long.
You can never start learning to be a handy man too early. Brad was putting together some shelves for his mom and Parker had to be a part of it. He didn't want to let go of the screw driver. Brad was so patient and let him help.


The States said...

What fun pictures Emily! I love the chocolate ones (of course!)! Looks like you guys had a fun, cold winter!

Kim said...

Hi Brad & Emily! I found your BLOG on a friend's friend list. Amazing what you stumble across on the internet. It's been forever, Brad. Just thought I'd say Hi. Your family is so cute! Come by and say hi on my BLOG anytime.
-Kim (WURTZ) Russell

Steve & Tiffany said...

The snow is amazing! I miss it! And little Parker is getting so big! He's got the most amazing brilliant eyes!

The Peterson's said...

Ohh I wish I could have snowball fights! I love the snow! Ive never heard of chocolate dipped cinnamon bears (those sound good)!