Thursday, August 30, 2007

Loves to play outside!

Ever since camping... all Parker wants to do is play outside.


Nancy said...

I love seeing the new pics of Parker. He just gets cuter every day. I guess he had a lot of fun camping with all that dirt.Grandma Ball

Mark said...

I am a little offended by the mountain man comment. I understand Brad is your husband and everything like that but we know who the real mountian man is. Maybe Brad can be the trapper or something like that. Anyway, nice blog. Mark

Rach said...

How awesome!! You have inspired me to get moving on my own blog! Thanks... Looks like you all enjoyed yourself camping! But if Parker gets any cuter, I just well, Ughhh! cannot wait to see you all again this christmas! Cameron and Blakey say "hi!!!" auntie! Love Ya! Rachel and the boys- p.s. give the little one a kiss!