Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Look who turned 1 !

Our photographer friend, Peter Loosli took these photos! Aren't they amazing. So, Parker is now one year old and just a bundle of fun. His two main words are "dada" and "bye." He loves to wave goodbye. He could go up and down our stairs all day if we let him. He is walking around along the furniture and before we know it he will be walking all on his own. Such a big boy!


Jillyboo said...

I love your blog. And as always I enjoy seeing all your pictures. Ella climbed up on my lap and said "hi Parker." Then she jumped down. I wish they could play. When are you coming out here?

Brad and Vanessa said...

Yeah, when are you coming out here? Jill has told me all about Parker and he is so cute! I hope that you are all doing well!